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About us

The Atlantic Youth Bowling Council Program was started in August of 1992, when the New Brunswick Bowling Proprietor's Association decided to design a Youth Bowling program specifically for Candlepin Bowling. In the first year, only bowlers from New Brunswick were involved along with four test sites in the US. The following year, bowlers from Nova Scotia joined the program. Currently, membership stands at approximately 1700 bowlers with centres in both NB and NS. The membership has seen numbers of over five thousand youth bowlers and hopes to see numbers like these again as changes are made to meet the current market and youth population.

The Atlantic Youth Bowling Council Inc. is a non-profit organization that administers the AYB Program. It is administered by an elected board made up of member centre representatives from both provinces who meet regularly to ensure that the program meets the needs and goals of its youth members. Day to day management of the AYBC is handled by an Executive Director who reports directly to the Board. Participation in the AYBC program is simply: each child pays an annual membership fee plus weekly fees that each centre charges for bowling. Throughout the year, each member in their different age divisions, strives to earn high score stickers for a single, double or triple string that are set by the centre's co-ordinator. To encourage sportsmanship and fun, the program offers a number of fun tournaments that each centre may host throughout the season for which bowlers can earn stickers. There is also a competitive component, the "Lanes to Success", in which bowlers qualify at the House level and may proceed onto competition at the Zone, Provincial and National level.

The sport of bowling has a vast number of benefits for all children, no matter their physical or mental abilities. It is an extremely inexpensive sport with no equipment to purchase - just a weekly fee. The sport assists the physical development of the bowlers by promoting hand and eye co-ordination and use of the majority of the body's muscles in a controlled manner thus strengthening the muscles with practically no risk of injury. Sportmanship, social skills and teamwork are everyday aspects of the youth bowling program. Bowling also assists with educational development as bowlers have to be able to read and write, add and subtract, multiply and divide as part of the process of keeping score.

The AYB Program encourages in its members, personal achievements, physical fitness, sportsmanship, healthy competition and good citizenship. It is a sport that can be played individually, with a family, with a friend, or in competition with others, making bowling the number one participation sport in Canada. It is the world's number one indoor sport and also the number one social sport in Canada, as all can participate.

The AYBC strives to continually improve itself and meet the needs of its member bowlers and centres. The creation of a website, improved communication, a newsletter, and yearly planning meetings with members are but a few of the methods employed to achieve this goal.

Board of Directors

16 Dentith Street
Halifax, NS
B3R 2H9

31 Kingswood Park
Fredericton, NB
E3C 2L4
Tel: (506) 444-9503
Fax: (506) 450-1232

2196 Prospect Road
Hatchet Lake, NS
B3T 1R8
Tel: (902) 852-2269
Fax: (902) 424-3287 (Work)

15 Athlone Street
Glace Bay, NS
B1A 1N2
Tel: (902) 849-7897
Fax: (902) 849-1689

7001 Mumford Road
Halifax, NS
B3L 2H8
Tel: (506) 445-5446
Fax: (506) 454-4620

126 Notre Dame St.
Atholville, NB
E3N 3Z3
Tel: (506) 759-7361(h)
(506) 753-5010(w)
Fax: (506) 753-2503(w)

936 Mountain Road
Moncton, NB
E1C 2S2
Tel: (506) 858-8740
Fax: (506) 855-6680

936 Mountain Road
Moncton, NB
E1C 2S2
Tel: (506) 858-8740
Fax: (506) 855-6680

11 Strike Ln
Smith Settlement, NS
B0J 2L0
Tel: (902) 889-3433

Halifax, NS
B3L 0A7
Tel: (902) 455-1519
Fax: (902) 453-0641

104 Court Street
Dalhousie, NB
E8C 1L7
Tel: (506) 684-5595
Fax: (506) 684-5592


Awards Program

These awards are to recognize each member's personal achievements and can be awarded all season. Each AYB Pee Wee, Bantam and Junior is to be assessed by their coach at the beginning of the season and given six single & four double or triple obtainable (but challenging) scores to aim for during the season. The scores are to be pencilled in on the Awards Records poster, then permanently marked when the score is achieved and the sticker awarded. As an incentive for Bantam and Junior bowlers, Super Score are available, in order to recognize the scores of those who bowl higher than the High Score Awards. Seniors are also able to receive Super Scores.

Seniors Award of Excellence

Instead of Seniors being a part of the whole sticker program they are only allowed to receive the stickers indicated, the deficit is made up by Seniors participating in the challenging "Award of Excellence" program. Throughout the season seniors can earn points in seven different categories. At the end of the season the points are totalled and bowlers are eligible to receive a specially designed personalized gold, silver or bronze certificate acknowledging the points they earned.

Fun Tournaments and Suggested Dates

Lanes to Success

This is the competitve component of the program. In January each centre will choose single and team bowlers from the Bantam, Junior, Senior and Senior Graduate (only singles) divisions to compete at a Zone Level where are held in different geographic areas of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in February. The winner of these Zone Competitions will then advance to their respective Provincial Final Tournament in April. The top two finishers of every category then advance to a National Final in May which is held alternately in either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.

National Coaching Certification Program - Candlepin Bowling

Canada's National Coaching Certification Program is designed to meet the needs of practising coaches, male or female, whether they be beginners or experienced. The program is structured on five levels and presents coaches with the Theoretical, Technical, and Practical aspects of coaching. The first three levels are offered at a provincial level and are geared towards the beginner coach who has just begun to get involved at Level 1 to the more experienced coach who is involved with provincial elite athletes at Level 3. Levels 4 and 5 are for those coaches who have involvement with national calibre athletes.

The Atlantic Youth Bowling Council can hold a TECHNICAL COURSE when there is a request from its members to do so. A minimum of ten (10) people are needed to hold a course and once numbers are confirmed, arrangements for times, place and an instructor can be co-ordinated through the AYB Office and a host centre.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - 2018 - 2019 Season

Date Events
September/ October Enrolment Commences
September / January Regular Season
November 24th Intent to Participate in "Lanes to Success" Form deadline
Nationals Deadline for Poster Contest Promotion Entries
Nationals Deadline for Chocolate Bar Promotion Entries
February 6th "Lanes to Success" Competitors names & entry fee deadline
23/24 or March 2/3
"Lanes to Success" Zone Finals
Nationals Deadline for Coach of the Year Entries
April 6th  
"Lanes to Success" NB Provincial Finals
April 6th "Lanes to Success" NS Provincial Finals
Nationals Deadline for Bring a Friend & Win Promotion Entries
May 4th "Lanes to Success" National Finals
April/June End of Season Awards Orders
June 2th Annual  General Meetings
To be held in Truro, NS beginning at 11 am

Fun Tournaments and Suggested Dates:

Bring A Buddy Tournament 1st Saturday in October
I Beat My Coach Tournament Mid November
Family Fun Tournament 1st Saturday in December
I Beat My Average Tournament 1st Saturday in March
Bowler of the Year Tournament Anytime in May
High-Low Doubles Tournament Anytime in April
Wacky Tournament Anytime in the Year
Senior-Youth Tournament Anytime in February
3 - 6 - 9 Tournament Anytime in January


Division Details
Tiny Tots OPTIONAL where a Pee Wee lacks the skills to bowl, they should be enrolled in  the Tiny Tot Club
(see p. 26) until such skills are acquired.

Pee Wee

5 years of age and under on September 1st of the current league season.
(born on or between Sept. 2nd, 2013 - Sept. 1st, 2015)
Bantams 6 to 10 years of age on September 1st of the current league season.
(born on or between Sept. 2nd, 2007 - Sept. 1st, 2012)
Juniors 11 to 14  years of age on September 1st of the current league season.
(born on or between Sept. 2nd, 2003 - Sept. 1st, 2007)
Seniors 15 to 18  years of age on September 1st of the current league season.
(born on or between Sept. 2nd, 1999 - Sept. 1st., 2003)
Graduates OPTIONAL 19 but not 20 years of age on September 1st of the current league season.
(born on or between Sept. 2nd, 1998 - Sept. 1st. 1999)

Membership Fees

(Tiny Tot, Pee Wee, Bantam, Junior, Senior, Senior Grad)
Bowlers 14 Yrs. & Older $34.50 (incl. HST)
(3 or more children)
$75.00 (+HST)

Program Offers


Each centre is provided with updated pages for their AYB Manual, at the beginning of the Season, All New Centres are provided with a complete current manual.


"Bowling is Great" promotional brochures can be purchased in lots of 100. See order form for prices.


AYB Office can produce a variety of certificates, ie. Turkey, Certificates of Appreciation, High Standings Awards (H.S., H.T., H.N.M.), Perfect Attendance, Most Improved, etc. Sufficient lead time must be provided. See order form for prices.


Upon request, a Personalized 6" X 8" Special Recognition Merit Award Plaque, will be presented to an AYB Bowler who joined the AYB Program at the age of 7, and bowled consecutively in the program, and graduated at the Senior Grad Level. A Special Achievement Award Certificate will be awarded to any AYB Bowler who joined the AYB Program and graduated at the Senior Level. It is the Coordinator's responsibility to inform Head office should this situation exist, and to ensure all requirements are met.



Coordinator of the Year Award shall be chosen at the Board Level, based on the following criteria: Years of Service, Efficiency in following all deadlines and guidelines, and participating in Promotions. The Winner will receive an Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirt.


To be awarded to one Coach from the combined nominations between each province at the National Finals each season. Nominations must be made in writing, and submitted to the AYB Office by April 30th. All Names submitted of Coaches will have their name entered into a draw for an Award Plaque.


The following items can be purchased by AYB Program Coordinators. An order form is included in the Season Starter Kit, supplied to each AYB Program Coordinator.


The Winning Entry in the Poster Contest from the previous season, will be used to design the current season's AYB Promotional Poster.


To Qualify: A New Bowler must bowl 2/3 of the possible strings bowled, from the time they register to the end of the year. A Youth Bowler must be REGISTERED with the AYB Program by Dec. 31st of the present season, to be eligible to participate. An New Bowler must be an "Active Member" in the Program at the end of the year. The deadline for submitting names to Head Office, is the beginning of National Tournament. The coordinator is responsible for submitting Qualifier's names to Head Office. A Set of Paramount Bowling Balls will be awarded (or $100 Gift Certificate) will be awarded (through the process of a draw) to the Regular Member responsible for introducing someone New into the AYB Program. A $50 Gift Certificate will be awarded (through the process of a draw) to the NEW BOWLER, introduced to the AYB Program this season, for the 1st time.


AYB Registered Members are encouraged to draw a picture of their impression of an advertisement for Promoting the AYB Program. The picture must be generic in nature (no Centre's name on it). The Deadline for submitting entries to Head office is April 30th. The entries will be displayed at Nationals and the Winner determined by a vote taken among the National participants. The Winner will receive a set of Paramount Bowling Balls, of their choice of weight and color (or $100 Gift Certificate). The Winning design will be used as the AYB Promotional Poster for the following season. CRITERIA: The Poster must portray Candlepin Bowling. The use of licensed characters will NOT BE PERMITTED, and Computer Designs will be accepted.


Win a set of Paramount Bowling Balls. Deadline for submitting names to Head office is before the beginning of the National Tournament. (See Manual under "Fundraising: for details)


TBD (Under Manual Change Revision)


For all Gift Cards: the Money for the Gift Cards will be sent to the Centre's AYB Coordinator, and he or she will choose where it is most appropriate to purchase the Gift Card. The AYB Bowler WILL NOT RECEIVE CASH.

New Brunswick

Club Name Contact Information Coordinator Information Prop/ Mgr. Program Day
Atholville Alma Bowling Centre 256 Notre Dame Road
Atholville, NB  E3N 3Z9
Tel: 506-789-1700    
Fax: 506-753-2503
Denise Felix
388 Dover St
Campbellton, NB   E3N 3M7
Tel: 506-759-7361 (h)
      506-753-5010 (w)
Fax:506-753-2503 (w)
Cel:506-789-8725 (c)
Village of Athoville Sun 1:00PM / Mon 6:00PM
Dieppe Bowlarama 476 Gauvin Road
Dieppe, NB  E1A 1M7
Tel: 506-857-9464
Fax: 506-855-0031
Micheal/Barb Knowlton
364 Gauvin Rd
Dieppe, NB  E1A 1M1
506-830-1992 (h)
Sandi Gallant(Mgr) Sat
Caron's Bowling Centre 104 Court Street
Dalhousie, NB  E8C 1L7
Tel: 506-684-5591
Fax: 506-684-5592
Shelley Bernatchez
317 Flynn Lane
Dalhousie, NB  E8C 1R4
Tel:506-684-1125 (h)
     506-684-5591 (w)
Mona Rankin(prop)
Shelly Bernatchez(Mgr)
Castle Lanes Bowling Centre 359 King George Highway
Miramichi, NB  E1V 1P8
Tel: 506-622-8071
Fax: 506-622-5383
Nancy Finnigan
11883 Route 126
Colletta, NB  E4Y 2S1
506-775-2482 (h)
Dave Theriault(Prop)
Terry Hare(Mgr)
Sat 10AM
Fairlanes Bowling Centre 936 Mountain Road
Moncton, NB  E1C 2S2
Tel: 506-858-8740
Tina Romard
30 Collette St
Dieppe, NB  E1A 5Z9
Barry Wood Sat
Kingswood Lanes 31 Kingswood Park
Fredericton, NB E3C 2L4
Tel: 506-444-9500
Fax: 506-450-1232
Lynn Critchlow
267 Driftwood Loop
Fredericton, NB  E3B 7P1
Tel: 506-457-9401 (h)
       506-444-9517 (w)
Brian Johnson(Prop)

Alex Trask(Mgr)
Ernie McFadzen(Prop)
Sat 10:00AM
Parklane Bowl 28 Biggs Drive
Riverview, NB E1B 3H5
Tel: 506-386-3284
Carrie Estabrooks
46 Carnation Cres
Riverview, NB 
E1B 4A7
Tel: 506-866-7295(c)
Todd Stoyles Mon 4:00PM
Woodstock Bowlacade PO Box 4315
11 Sawyer Road
Woodstock, NB  E7M 6B7
Tel: 506-328-8418
Fax: 506-328-9721
Tonya Henry
1790 Route 540
Kirkland, NB  E7N 2K3
Tel: 506-227-1118(h)
Bill Hamilton(Prop)
Sun 1:00PM
Chipman Bowlarama Industrial Park Rd
Chipman, NB  E4A 2M9

Tel: 506-339-1914

Nova Scotia

Club Name Contact Information Coordinator Information Prop/ Mgr. Program Day
Unbowlievable Lanes 11 Strike Lane
Smith Settlement, NS
B0J 2L0
Tel: 902-889-3433
Fax: 902-889-3780
Heather Prowse
19 Warf Road
Ostrea Lake, NS  B0J 2L0
Tel: 902-891-0128 (c)
Ron & Patricia Poan(Prop) Sun
1:00 + 3:00PM
Pajo's Bowling Centre PO Box 327
79 Victoria Road
Lunenburg, NS   B0J 2C0
Tel: 902-634-8344
Jody & Heather Lantz
P.O. Box 313
Lunenburg, NS  B0J 2C0
Tel: 902-634-3226 (h)
      902-634-8344 (w)
Pat Ring(Prop)
Jody Lantz(Mgr)
Sat 10:00AM
Bowlarama Bayers Road 3459 Desmond Ave.
Halifax, NS
B3L 0A7
Tel: 902-455-1519
Fax: 902-453-0641
Verlie Tyson
22 Bradbury Lane
Halifax, NS
B3P 0H2
Tel: 902-479-2854(h)
Tel: 904-404-3595(w)
Art MacMillan(Prop)
Sue Huelin(Mgr)
Bowlarama(South Center) 16 Dentith Road
Halifax, NS  B3R 2H9
Tel: 902-479-2695
Fax: 902-477-2555
Kathy Derengoski
18 Foxwood Terrace
Halifax, NS  B3R 2H7
Tel: 902-477-5843

Rhonda Judge
2196 Prospect Road
Hatchet lake, NS  B3T 1R8
Tel: 902-852-2269 (h)
      902-424-1628 (w)
Fax: 902-424-3287 (h)
Art MacMillan(Prop)
Sue Huelin(Mgr)
Thurs 4:00PM

Sat 9:30AM
Brunswick Lanes 80 Brunswick Street
Yarmouth, NS  B5A 2G5
Tel: 902-742-2186
Fax: 902-649-4404
Stephen Nubbar
Shawn Wells

Mitch Bonnar(Prop)
Sat 10:00AM
Town Center Lanes 234 Commercial Street
Glace Bay, NS  B1A 3C2
Tel: 902-849-0279
Alyssa Boutilier
12 McVicar St
Glace Bay, NS  B1A 3X2
Tel: 902-849-1986 (h)
Tel: 902-578-8399(c)
Dolores Curran
174 Brooklyn St
Sydney, NS B1P 5B6
Tel: 902-270-2313 (h)
John Donovan
Jeff Knarr(Mgr)
Sat 1:30PM
Seaside Bowling Lanes P.O Box 27
Smith's Cove, NS  B0S 1S0
Tel: 902-769-0061
Pat Wright
Tel: 902-308-1033 (c)
Pat Wright(Mgr)

Heather Bowling Lanes 612 East River Road
New Glasgow, NS  B2H 3S2
Laurel Goodwin
Tel: 902-752-7185
Laurel Goodwin(Mgr)

Bible Hill Bowlacade 27 Jeniffer Dr.
Bible Hill, NS  B2H 6M5
Luke Chisholm
Tel: 902-893-1522
Luke Chisholm(Mgr)

Superbowl 300 Sackville Dr
Lower Sackville, NS  B4C 2R6

Tel: 902-964-6400

Windsor Lanes 120 Centennial Dr
Windsor, NS  B0N 2T0

Tel: 902-798-2102

Ocean Lanes 45 Lake Rd
Tatamagouche, NS  B0K 1V0

Tel: 902-657-3202

2017-2018 Promotion Winners

AYB Poster Contest

  • Matthew Dort -South Center Bowlarama(kathy) - Halifax, NS

Perfect Attendance Promotion

  • October: Gracie Short, Heather Lanes, New Glasgow, NS
  • November: Ethan Lane, Bayers Rd. Bowlarama, Halifax, NS
  • December: Rebecca Comeau, South Center Bowlarama(Kathy), Halifax, NS
  • January: Haley Melnick, Town Lanes(Dolores), Sydney, NS
  • February: Logan Toppel, South Center Bowlarama(Rhonda), Halifax, NS
  • March: Tatum Lohnes, Pajo's Bowling, Lunenburg, NS

AYB Member who introduced someone new to AYB

  • Ethan Lane, Bayers Rd. Bowlarama, Halifax NS

New Bowler Registered In AYB For 1st Time-2017-18

  • Sidney Pellerine, Bayers Rd. Bowlarama, Halifax NS

Chocolate Bar Promotion Draws

  • Kalen Gosbee - Heather Lanes, New Glasgow, NS

Zones Participant Winner

  • Alex Douthwright - Alma Lanes, Atholville, NB

Paper Pin Fundraising Promotion Draws

  • NB Bowler: Alex Douthwright - Alma Lanes, Atholville, NB
  • NS Bowler: Mikaila Walsh - Unbowlievable Lanes, Musquodobit Hbr, NS
  • AYB Center Draw: Alma Lanes, Atholville, NB

Coach Of The Year

  • Patsy Crawford - Bayers Rd. Bowlarama, Halifax, NS

Co-ordinator Of The Year

  • Verlie Tyson - Bayers Rd. Bowlarama, Halifax, NS